Data from the Ames Assessor's Office used in assessing values of individual residential properties sold in Ames, Iowa from 2006 to 2010. This is a regression problem and the goal is to predict "SalePrice" which records the price of a home in thousands of dollars.


De Cock, D., (2011). Ames, Iowa: Alternative to the Boston housing data as an end of semester regression project. Journal of Statistics Education, 19(3), 1--14.


# \donttest{
## load the data
data(housing, package = "randomForestSRC")

## the original data contains lots of missing data, so impute it
## use missForest, can be slow so grow trees with small training sizes
housing2 <- impute(data = housing, mf.q = 1, sampsize = function(x){x * .1})

## same idea ... but directly use and multivariate missForest 
housing3 <- impute(data = housing, mf.q = .5, fast = TRUE)

## even faster, but potentially less acurate
housing4 <- impute(SalePrice~., housing, splitrule = "random", nimpute = 1)

# }